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LI Green is working with HouseMaster Long Island to help make Long Island homes more energy efficient. 
Request a Free Energy Audit for your Home  

  • Did you know that the majority of homes on Long Island are poorly insulated and this is the number one reason for their high heating fuel usage, as well as electric usage if there is air conditioning?
  • Did you know that homeowners are the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions? 
  • Did you know that with proper insulation and weatherization the average homeowner will see at least a 25% reduction in their home's fuel and electrical usage?
It is LI Green's goal to assist every homeowner on Long Island to make their home energy efficient thus saving a lot of money by reducing their heating and electric bills,  ending drafts and cold or hot spots and dramatically reducing their contribution to global warming.

The first step is to have your home's energy use studied.  LI Green is offering clients and friends of HouseMaster a no cost energy audit.

Request a Free Energy Audit for your Home  

Thank you for your interest in working with LI Green and the Suffolk County Energy Alliance.  This web page describes how together we will help you to make your home or business more energy efficient and save money while helping to grow Long Island's economy and protecting the environment.

Communicating with LI Green - As a not for profit corporation LI Green operates with a small staff.  To help us be more productive we use the Internet and email as our primary communications method.  When communicating with us please first try sending an email to  If you prefer to reach us by phone our number is 631-721-1908.

How LI Green Operates -  LI Green and Suffolk County Energy Alliance offer a Free Home Energy Study to any Long Island homeowner.   It is the mission of LI Green to assist every homeowner in achieving the highest energy efficiency possible at a minimal cost. During an audit we look at everything from insulation and weatherization to heating and hot water systems, lighting, appliances and more. The homeowner accompanies the auditor throughout the audit so that everything can be explained. At the end of the audit an action plan is created for the homeowner, listing our recommendations with top priorities first. We then provide the information necessary to make the improvements in your home that will save 25% or more on your energy bills.  This work can be done either with the help of approved implementation partners or by yourself.  LI Green can even help arrange below market financing if appropriate.

How to Schedule Your Free Energy Audit - Please click on the link above to request your free energy audit. An LI Green representative will respond to your request by email. When you do receive this response we would appreciate a quick reply so that we can rest assured that you did receive our reply. At times spam and junk filters cause our emails to not get through to you.

To be prepared for your home's audit please begin compiling information for LI Green's Energy Profile of your home including:

  • The size of your home (overall square footage, # of bedrooms, etc.) and age of your home
  • Construction changes that you or recent previous owners made (for example large additions, new windows, additional insulation, etc.)
  • Areas of concern in your home (i.e. high heating bills, high electric bills, drafts, colds spots, hot spots, etc.)
  • How your home is heated.  Do you supplement heat with non standard fuels?
  • Recent utility and heating fuel bills.  Ideally we would like to see bills for at least the last 12 months.

The typical initial energy audit will take about 1 hour though this will vary based upon the size and complexity of your home.  To qualify for this program you must own your home and be present for the audit.