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Click Here to Request Your Home’s Free Energy Audit

Free Home Energy Audit

High Energy Bills Got You Down? Wondering why your house always feels cold or drafty in the winter? Always keeping the thermostat too cold for comfort to not always feel like you are getting another expensive fuel delivery? Afraid to open your ever-increasing electric bills?  Don't worry.

LI Green is here to help!  Sign up today for a Free Comprehensive Energy Study of your home. Learn how we can help to lower your fuel and electric bills, while at the same time providing more comfort in your home.

Did You Know?

  • The majority of homes on Long Island are poorly insulated and have many other problems needing repair
  • Without proper insulation your home is like a sieve, allowing the heat to escape to the outdoors.
  • With proper insulation and weatherization the average LI homeowner will see at least a 25% reduction in their home's fuel and electrical bills
  • Conservation is dramatically more cost effective than drilling for, or generating new, energy supplies
  • Buildings, including homes, produce almost 50% of the greenhouse gases in the US

Click Here to Request Your Home’s Free Energy Audit

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient  - Start with a No-Cost Energy Audit

LI Green will send a trained energy efficiency technician to your home to conduct a no cost energy analysis.  This study will include a survey for energy efficiency improvements, an infrared thermographic study and utility bill analysis. You will receive an in depth report about your home's energy performance, a detailed work plan and other important information about how to save energy in your home.

An LI Green Home Energy Audit is a complete basement to attic comprehensive study of your home.  We look at everything from insulation and weatherization to heating and hot water systems, lighting, appliances and more. You will accompany our professional energy engineer throughout the audit so that everything can be explained. At the end of the audit a cost effective action plan is created listing our recommendations with top priorities first. We then provide the information necessary to make the improvements in your home that could save 25% or more on your energy bills.  If you wish, LI Green can then connect you with approved implementation partners to further assess, quote and implement the recommended improvements. Or if you wish to do the work yourself LI Green can provide you with some guidance. If desired, LI Green can even help arrange below market financing if appropriate. LI Green can also give you guidance if you are interested in solar or other alternative energies.

Energy Efficiency is Your Home’s First Step Toward Energy Independence

LI Green's goal is to assist every homeowner on Long Island to bring his or her home to maximum energy efficiency.  The results will bring a reduction in your heating and electric bills,  an end to drafts and cold or hot spots as well as a dramatic reduction in your family’s contribution to global warming. 

Click Here to Request Your Home’s Free Energy Audit


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